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You can find my papers at this link. I do my best to publish everything in open-access.



I don’t play much music these days but we’re trying to do fun things with Julien in Phonema, an experimental prog metal band. I used to be in a nü-metal band - Static Fist.

I also worked on various soundtracks and background musics for museums during my time at Blue Yeti, for instance for the Futuroscope and the Musée National de la Marine in Rochefort.

I also took part in the composition process for the Carrousel Musical, and pressed the “Play” button for its inauguration, which had a very high stress/duration ratio:

Here are some other videos:


I’ve also been involved in ports of large codebases to CMake: Jamoma and Qt.

If you feel that I am doing useful things, you can sponsor me on Github.

Portfolio - Jean-Michaël Celerier